The Solomon Chronicles (2009)  

Sangre Del Unico

Sangre del Unico begins The Solomon Chronicles series of historical fiction novels. The story begins in the year 1392 and traces the rise of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon to the united throne of Spain.


With the help from an unlikely group of dedicated servants of the Prophecy of Solomon, Sangre del Unico takes one along for the ride as the story weaves an altered version of how the Catholic Monarchs became the most powerful force in Europe and the world.


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The Solomon Chronicles


Revisions is the second installment of The Solomon Chronicles which traces the life of the last living blood descendent of King Solomon, the Immortal Delgado del Sol. Delgado, along with his band of brothers Hernan, Mihail, Daniel, the twins Peraza and their trusted dog Azul. A new evil has come to the shores of Europe to stop the Prophecy of Solomon. Clues announcing the arrival of Adissirc are uncovered by Prince Mihail of Romania who quickly makes his way to the Canary Island chain and specifically the Island of Gomera where Delgado and Sara reside. Delgado and Aaron must stop Adissirc from changing history, chasing him back in time as he attempts to stop Solomon from becoming King, thus ending the prophecy before it begins.


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