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D. R. Pedraza

Author of "The Solomon Chronicles" series


New Audible Exclusive Release in 2022

The Solomon Chronicles
Revised (2022)
Narrated by: Guy Barnes

Sangre del Unico begins The Solomon Chronicles series of historical fiction novels. The story begins in the year 1392 and traces the rise of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon to the united throne of Spain. With the help from an unlikely group of dedicated servants of the Prophecy of Solomon, Sangre del Unico takes one along for the ride as the story weaves an altered version of how the Catholic Monarchs became the most powerful force in Europe and the world.


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"A Historic Spanish Masterpiece! Written in a beautiful and haunting style, D.R. Pedraza puts the reader into the center of an amazing world that appears historically accurate. His flare for putting the reader into the action succeeds and visually, the images are as vivid as any epic motion picture.


The story begins in the Year of our Lord 1392 and follows a loyal group of devoted servants who believed in the Prophecy of Solomon. This is the tale of how they banded with Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile to take over the throne of the time among the most powerful empires in Europe.


A truly brilliant work and riveting reading for anyone who loves the romance of old Europe and historical novels."

"Old Hollywood"

Praise & Reviews

“Many similarities to The Lord of the Rings in terms of genre, structure and tone”

New York Literary Editors Associates

“The best kept secret! This book is incredible. Wow! I can actually feel myself riding horseback down the same dirt trails, meeting the same knights and royalty, witnessing the same romance, and fighting in the same battles (which can be very intense) beside my brethren. It's written as if I'm physically in the middle of a large movie scene and a part of history, and the characters come alive leading me through time with a mesh between real history and fantasy. It is very intoxicating and hard to put down. I am definitely looking forward to the next book to be introduced. And, I won't be surprised that if this book gets in the right hands, it ends up at the movies and is an Academy Award Winner! Kudos to the author! “ History Buff


Guy Barnes Narrator.jpg

Audible Book Adrenalin Award Winner for Best Historical Fiction Narration, Guy brings The Solomon Chronicles to life.

Out in 2022

What The Reviews say about Guy Barnes:


"Guy Barnes crushes the narration and really makes the characters come alive. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fantasy, dark fantasy or grimdark's in my personal top 5 books of all time"

Review of The Hellborn King


"The world building was rich and the strong characters skillfully brought to life by Guy Barnes made this an epic story."

 Review of Ringstraked Ruin Of The Giant King


"Guy Barnes has a great gravelly voice for Paddren. It really drew me in, making me listen all the harder. I also really liked his voice and accent for Leyoch. His female characters voices were feminine, and his voice for Varnia was well done indeed. The pacing was perfect and there were no tech issues with the recording. Even though I grew to find Varnia annoying, I truly appreciated how Barnes captured the myriad of emotions this character was going through. 5/5 stars. Nicole Duntons Reviews for Goodreads about Visions Of Zarua"

Audible Review


About D.R. Pedraza

Is a co-founder and CEO of DB Media Entertainment.  His creation of The Solomon Chronicles (TSC) came out of years of family history research which led him to the Royal Houses of Europe.

Pedraza is also an accomplished screenwriter/director of eight films and is the songwriting partner of co-founder and President of Music for DB Media, Michael Guerra.  Their first collaboration, The Michael Guerra Band self-titled album would reach #23 in Texas and #29 Nationally and was the only independent record ranked that high.  The album would go on to win the 2013 Fox Music USA "Album of the Year" award

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