D.R. Pedraza's Biography


DB Media Entertainment

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Concept Artist, Editor, and Music Composer

(D.R. Pedraza is an alias for David R. Pedrazine)

D.R. Pedraza is an author of historical fiction, fantasy and drama as well as a lyricist for The Michael Guerra Band and a screenwriter with his company DB Media Entertainment. His first novel, "The Solomon Chronicles: Sangre del Unico," was published by Iuniverse Publishing in 2008.

Between 2008-2012, Pedraza honed his skills writing a number of screenplays, songs while working on book II of The Solomon Chronicles Series. During this period, he also began writing a television series based on his character "Jude Quinn" a former Army Ranger turned Private Detective in Texas. To date, he has penned three complete seasons with a spinoff in season three. He also continued working and creating with Michael Guerra.


Also in 2008, Pedraza and Guerra put together a music festival, The San Antonio Tardeada Music Festival which was a success. Bands included 5-Time Grammy Award Winner Flaco Jimenez, Patricia Vonne, Shawn Sahm & The Tex-Mex Experience, The Dog Men Poets, Mitch Webb & The Swindles, The Drugstore Cowboys and Pride and Joy.


The debut record from The Michael Guerra Band peaks at #22 on the Texas Charts in 2012.


In 2013, Pedraza wrote, produced and helped cast two short films, "Love Death" which was the first vehicle for his "Jude Quinn" character. The short was produced along with a trailer for the full Film. The next film he wrote and helped produce was a sports drama/Female coming of age film starring Jesse Borrego (Blood in Blood Out, Fame, Con Air) entitled "Duque." We created a sizzle reel for this film which you can view on this site. Pedraza dove into directing and Produced and Directed his first short film, "The Last Rose," in April 2014.


In May of 2014, Pedraza released Book II of The Solomon Chronicles, "Revisions."    In August of 2014, Pedraza and his team went into production with "The Last Rose" which was written and directed by Pedraza and starred Lara Shah and Brittany Dunk.  The project was completed in August of 2014 and was an Official Selection of the 2015 Freedom Film Festival.

Later in 2014, Pedraza would sign with BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) and form Pedraza Music Publishing.  

In 2015, Pedraza's screenplay "Wake Traci" would become a finalist in the "Industry Boost Screenplay Competition."  Following that, Pedraza and Guerra teamed up to create the first music video for the company for a new song "Such A Girl Like That" which was completed in April.  


Towards the end of 2015, Pedraza and his DB Media Team would enter the San Antonio 48-HR Film Project and in 18 hours, from the first letter of the screenplay to 'that's a wrap' created "My Tempest" starring Jay Pennington, Javier Medellin and Aubery Jones.  The film would pick up a nomination for Michael Guerra for Best Music Score and in later competitions was a Finalist in the Industry Boost Screenplay Competition, a Semi-Finalist in the MCNY Film Festival and an "Official Selection" of the Texas Ultimate Shorts Competition of 2015.

In the Summer of 2016, Pedraza wrote and directed his next film, "A Chance to Say Goodbye" starring Kimi Acosta, Glynn Praesel, Ryan Mund, Catherine Christenson and introducing Jacob Ross.  The screenplay would become an Official Screenplay Selection of the 2016 Industry Boost Competition. 


The year would close out with the production of You Tube show "Slate Me!" starring 14-year-old Samantha Heer.  Pedraza was a co-creator; Chief Booker, Head Writer and Show Runner The show would go on for three seasons and built a reputation of securing high profile guests (for a 14-year-old host) to include Acadamy Award Winning artists and Grammy Award winning musical acts.

In 2018, Pedraza moved the Film portion of DB Media to the Film Friendly State of New Mexico.  After a couple of years situating, Pedraza began pre-production of a new show, "The Route 66 Interviews:  Foodies who Rock."  The guest list included an array of artists from Symphony Directors, Award Winning Actors and Directors, Award Winning Musicians to NY Times Best Selling Authors.  With only two weeks left to produce the first episode, The COVID-19 epidemic shut down all of our productions and as of 2021 all are still on hold.

Unique traits:  creating characters, songwriting