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The DB Media Entertainment creative team of Michael Guerra and D.R. Pedraza announce the beginning of production for The Route 66 Interviews: Foodies who Rock!!! which will begin filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April 2020. This is the second show for the duo after playing a big role in the creation and production of the successful YouTube show Slate Me! TV which ran for three seasons from late 2015 thru 2017.


Foodies Who Rock!!! is a groundbreaking show surrounding one key “We feel that food is a very personal thing,” said show co-creator D.R. Pedraza. “It reflects who we are as people, where we come from and sometimes, unveils a long held family tradition. Our guests will reveal and then recreate their favorite dish growing up while answering those famous five questions; what, why, where, when and who.” "When I was discussing the show with a future guest, a Best-Selling Author, she became so emotional just talking about the dish she would make, I knew we were on to something,” Pedraza said. “It's all about the love of food and family.”

Executive Chef

Crews Brandhorst

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"Food is Family is Love"

Chef Crews will explore our guest's recipe and 

find out the cultural aspects as well as the family story behind it.